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My name is Bernhard Schicht, I am the founder of Stash GmbH.

While we worked about 5% of our time in cryptocurrencies in 2018 we are now spending about 95% of our time on this. We could offer the full technical life circle for a prop firm, except the regulatory umbrella.
Before we start we should create a specification describing your  project for a kick-off scenario with all credentials, needs, tasks and goals.

Bernhard (Bernie) is an experienced independent software developer specialising in automatic systems trading software for financial markets. Bernhard completed a computer science degree at the Technical University in Munich (TUM), also completing a diploma thesis at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell (Deutsche Bank) Portfolio Managers in South Africa in 2000, where he developed software in the fields of Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence.

This project extended a prototype he developed as part of a comprehensive financial Information system utilised by portfolio managers. In 2009 Bernhard established Stash GmBH, a company that develops algorithmic trading strategies (bots), indicators and tools in Java for several trading platforms for private traders. Bernhard is a 2nd Dan in Judo and is a voluntary Judo teacher.

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