allows you to send/receive signals from one trading facility to another one.
Synchronisator does not come out of the box. It is more a template, highly customization fulfills all your needs.
It works like a bridge. This way we do not need to remove the bot from the original environment, but could still trade the signals on another platform.

Trade Manager

Connecting automatic trading algorithms to trading facilities is a challenge. Different brokers/exchanges need different efforts to connect, depending on their API.  We have developed a new tool called  TradeManager. This way we could get completely independent to the underlying exchange. It offers a convenient way to observe, modify or close your bot trades or whole positions at once. It makes positions management as easy as possible.

Ready-made solutions for your bot

We accompany you from the idea to the finished product. Due to the modular development, we have a large number of standardised modules at our disposal, which in different combinations serve as a reliable basis for your individual algorithmic trader or your individual trading tool. In addition to ready-made solutions, we can fulfill almost any special request in this way. We tailor the application you want exactly to your needs.

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