TradeManager connects trading venues without any programming

Our customers have the challenge of adapting their algorithmic trading strategies (bots) to different trading venues again and again. We have programmed a simple solution for this, which should also be interesting for you.

Your trading bots could trade all over the world, on all exchanges, without programming effort. This connection has been our business for almost 20 years and not only for the standard exchanges and brokers, but also for exotic trading venues.

Example A
TradeManager aggregates three JForex platform bots to one FTX account

In addition, we program bots according to your ideas individually and quickly on the basis of our library.  

Example B
TradeManager connects to a complex API

We connect new customers to our automatic trading system and therefore more trading volume on the trading venue is generated. Beside this we  onboard existing customers, who are interested in automatising their trading decisions in order to minimise manpower and optimise trading results.
In the next picture you see how we solved the challenging connection.

Normal trading algorithms cannot be adapted there because uses a complex API and also trading by percentage allocation only. Furthermore no hedging of trades are possible. Bot creators had to re-implement their existing bots.

Now TradeManager solves all these issues without a line of code.
The goal was to connect standard JForex strategies and MT4 EAs to without programming. By using TradeManager our customer now runs a JForex and a Metatrader platform. All trades are executed to

Our 3 standard systems TradeManager, Synchronisator, BotBasket work hand in hand.

Now standard bots can be traded on as well. values TradeManager as a high-end tool. They added us on their website instantly.

Additionaly click here to read more about we helped Tempus Logic, a machine trading firm, to connect their bots to

Example C
TradeManager executes 3 different market maker bots

StashMarketMakerBot on TradeManager creates new volume on Deribit trading venue:
In the above example you see three different market making bots working on one order book. They work independently on one TradeManager. It is quoting the ETH-PERPETUAL instrument. Each botsets two limit orders.In the lower section, called “Open Orders”, one could observe the quoted limit orders which are marked in red (quoting short orders) and green (quoting long orders). Also, inthe above left corner window, these specific orders are indicated in the “Order Book” as little triangles. 

At 00:06 the bots get the first fills. Then they renew the quotes. Also, the prices get updated automatically up to 200ms if there is no fill.

About the expert

20+ years experience in quant trading

Connecting trading venues has been our business for more than 20 years. Bernhard started his carrier as a quant developer at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell (Deutsche Bank) in SouthAfrica in the year 2000.

Passionate software developer for bots

Bernhardis an experienced trader, bot developer and founder. He won several trading prices at Dukascopy bank.

10+ years experience with crypto

Today, Bernhard is an experienced independent software developer, who specialises in the implementation of automatic trading software for financial markets. Bernhard started cryptocurrency trading in 2013. Today his company Stash GmbH develops bots, the bot connecting platform TradeManager and demanded adapters for many trading venues. He is an in-demand interviewee for Dukascopy TV in Switzerland and also consults for professional traders. 

Adapters to many trading venues

TradeManager is the perfect middle-ware to connect trading algorithms (bots) to trading venues.

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